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  • Mixed Cocktail Awaits Property Sector

    Published 04 Jan 2021

    PETALING JAYA: There are different views on what 2021 will bring for the property sector. National and global factors will have bearings on it.

    There is no reset button. Hence, there is no clean slate to begin with. Instead, the baggage of the past year and the promises of the new year will create an unknown cocktail.

    However, while the horizon lacks clarity, what is certain is there will be vaccines and this is a major positive.

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  • An unwanted problem of unsold units

    Published 31 Oct 2020

    THE government and developers need to seriously consider how to resolve the rising number of unsold completed units, particularly serviced apartments, which keeps ballooning annually.

    As they are built on commercial land, they are categorised as commercial property, like small office home offices (Sohos). However, these units are used as houses, so they form part of the residential overhang, under the commercial category. Serviced apartments form 72% of total commercial overhang in unit terms, say property professionals.

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  • Property players call for proactive action

    Published 13 Jul 2020

    PETALING JAYA: The next six months will shed light as to where the housing sector is heading but analysts and property consultants are not holding their breath, as many structural issues remain unresolved.

    Large structural issues aside, the immediate hurdle to cross is the lifting of the banking loan moratorium on Sept 30,2020, which may see owners offload their units, Kenanga Investment Bank Research said.

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  • Property sale scam

    Published 28 May 2020

    PETALING JAYA: A list containing the names of hotels within the Klang Valley and Penang purportedly up for sale has been rubbished by estate agents as nothing more than a scam by unscrupulous deal-makers looking to cash in on the uncertainties during the movement control order (MCO).

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  • Call for moratorium on property taxes

    Published 09 Apr 2020

    PETALING JAYA: Property consultants are urging the government to consider a moratorium on quit rent and assessment tax for the second half of 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is affecting businesses everywhere.

    Knight Frank Malaysia managing director Sarkunan Subramaniam said offering such a moratorium would be one of the quickest ways to reduce business cost.

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  • Going under the hammer

    Published 01 Apr 2020

    PETALING JAYA: The state of the current property sector, which has been affected by the Covid-19 crisis, could see a rising number of homes hammered out in the auction market.

    PPC International managing director Datuk Siders Sittampalam said the Malaysian economy, which has been affected by the pandemic, will have an impact on people’s income levels.“Those that have loans to pay will be affected, ” he told StarBiz.

    Knight Frank Malaysia managing director Sarkunan Subramaniam recently said that as buyers and sellers have become more vigilant amid the Covid-19 outbreak, a wait-and-see approach is prevalent as people will try to avoid showrooms and sales galleries during this critical period.

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  • Valuers: Independent feasibility studies needed

    Presented 24 Mar 2020

    City Valuers presented a paper on plantations and their market values at the Mid Year Review Malaysian Property Summit 2016.

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  • Selling A House In A Soft Market - Points To Consider

    Published 11 Jan 2020

    WITH the soft property market, buying a house would actually be a good idea. However, what if you own a house and need to sell it?

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  • Revisiting Mont Kiara

    Published 01 Jul 2019

    Mont Kiara is famous for being one of the most luxurious, high-class districts in the entire Klang Valley. Known for its strategic location, which happens to be 15 minutes away from the heart of Kuala Lumpur, it is also well-known for its heightened quality of life.

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  • New townships are redefining location

    Published 10 Nov 2018

    New townships being developed today are often not located in the most sought after locations for property buyers but as urbanisation gains pace, these townships will eventually become self-sustaining if they are well-planned for sustainability.

    Some of the first master-planned townships in once-distant parts of the Klang Valley have become home to many families and properties and have seen their values grow over time, to the delight of their initial buyers.

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  • Mont’kiara Prices Stabilising

    Published 06 Oct 2018

    LAST WEEK, a developer unveiled its project located away from the Mont’Kiara area proper, heading towards Segambut Dalam, with an interesting marketing pitch.

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  • Renting out to students

    Published 26 Jan 2018

    Student housing rental is a prominent sub-sector of the housing rental market and can bring stable returns for landlords, especially when the rented property is located near colleges or other higher learning institutions.

    On the bright side, renting to students requires only basic furnishings where there is no need for fancy decor in order to keep the renting cost low, says One World Realty Sdn Bhd principal and managing director Aine Lee.

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  • Brickfields’ commercial property market shines on

    Published 20 March 2017

    COLOURFUL textile shops, aromatic Indian cuisine and the Indian cultural street decorations along Jalan Tun Sambanthan make Brickfields a vastly different world from its upmarket neighbours, KL Sentral and Bangsar, and just a little bit farther away, Kuala Lumpur City Centre and Bangsar South.

    Located at the fringe of central Kuala Lumpur, the area was once the home of brick-making fields back in the late 18th century, hence its name Brickfields.

    It is now better known as KL’s Little India, a tourist destination, a transit hub, as well as one of the oldest commercial areas in KL.

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  • Setia Ecohill 2 – Where Life Is Greener

    Published 09 May 2016

    With the Klang Valley bursting its borders, developers today are looking at the southern gateway of the Klang Valley where Kajang and Semenyih lie. As the price of properties escalates in the central areas of the Klang Valley, consumers are also seeking more affordable options away from the big city and with convenient access to modern amenities.

    S P Setia has just the right blend of all these sought-after attributes and beyond, at its Setia EcoHill 2 project in Semenyih, Selangor.


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  • Getting Proper Property Valuation

    Published 30 March 2008

    If you were getting your house sold, you’d most probably be getting it valued.
    Or perhaps you need to get a loan from the bank. Or maybe the authorities are buying up the land on which your house sits, and you’re not satisfied with the amount awarded as compensation.

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